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Implementation of the HansaWorld business software

Servera resursu īre To ensure the successful realisation of the project, the HansaWorld software is implemented according to the HIM (HansaWorld Implementation Methodology) project management methodology. According to this project management methodology, the implementation process is divided into several stages, starting with software delivery and installation through user training.

The initial stage starts with interviewing the managers and the most experienced specialists from the company's relevant departments or business units in order to understand the existing and desired processes, as well as to analyse which of the processes could be improved in light of our experts’ experience in a particular industry or with similar projects. Once this stage is complete, both parties agree on the main tasks of the project, as well as the course of and deadlines for the project's implementation. The next stage covers the initial installation of the HansaWorld system, its configuration and additional developments as per the project tasks. Once the system has been functionally prepared and tested, it is installed in the work environment, data migration from previous software to HansaWorld is carried out, and training is provided for company personnel. After the completion of all these activities, the customer can start using the HansaWorld software independently.