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One software for all your business processes

An integrated business software for medium and large businesses, trusted by more than 550,000 companies worldwide

The standard ERP is a modern business management system based on the usual functionality for financial accounting and tax calculation, processing of customer orders and warehouse management, as well as production process and project accounting. However, it's also upgraded with a range of customer relationship management (CRM) tools, e-mail, online shopping, document management, and time and task management options, overall forming a single business platform with more than 45 functional modules. Industry specific solutions such as property management have also been incorporated into the HansaWorld system, ensuring greater possibilities of information exchange.

One software, one database and one server

HansaWorld's strategy is to accommodate all data that are important for a business, including industry-specific solutions, in one application, one database and on one server, rather than to link separate computer systems and their data, thus creating a unique opportunity for interaction of various elements of information. For example, an employee dealing with accounts receivable can see all seller commitments, goods delivery statuses, and repair and production processes. Marketing employees can send e-mails to all customers who have or have not purchased a particular item or service.

This kind of approach requires less investment in hardware, simplifies the reporting process and ensures a low total cost of ownership (TCO) without the necessity of linking, maintaining and updating several business systems and their integration solutions.

Work on the platform of your choice

When using the HansaWorld Standard ERP, you will be able to choose one or several operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS or Android. Users are free to choose any of the aforementioned operating systems, web browsers or mobile devices to access the system information.

Your staff, offices and outlets functioning as a single unit, regardless of their location

The HansaWorld Standard ERP business management system will link your remote warehouses, stores and international offices without the need for terminal emulation or other complicated and expensive solutions. If you need real-time reports on several stores, offices or companies, then you needn't look any further because HansaWorld Enterprise is the right solution. It is also compatible with mobile devices such as PDAs, iPhone, iPad and Android OS smartphones.

All of the above-mentioned mobile tools can connect to the system in real time through a Wi-Fi Internet connection or mobile data network, and can use the system offline and synchronise data with the server whenever possible.

The mobile connection to the system is useful while carrying out warehouse stock-taking, packing an order, taking customer orders outside the office, checking reports while travelling, as well as registering work hours, tasks and expenses for field personnel.

More systematic work, more transparency and better accountability of your sales department thanks to the integrated CRM functionality

Different employees of the company contact or work with customers at various stages of co-operation and regarding different issues, for example, sending special offers, signing contracts, communicating during the order execution process or discussing the status of outstanding invoices. Each of these interactions with the customer is entered in the system, thereby accumulating valuable information about the customer. The CRM functions of Standard ERP are fully integrated with other system functionalities, allowing any employee to see all customer information in one report, which is essential in communication with the customer, including information about delivered goods, most frequently purchased items, the most recent turnover figures, sales offers, letters sent, notes about phone calls, agreements, entries about projects and grouping features, to name but a few.

Sales department personnel in particular will benefit from task reminders, which link information with deadlines when a particular task must be completed by making a respective entry in the system to help to follow up on sales calls, prepared offers, outstanding invoices, as well as track and trace supplier deliveries, etc. Use Standard ERP's integrated reminder system to generate automated text messages, system notifications or e-mails reminding about documents that need to be approved, calls to be made, e-mails to be answered or notifications to be sent to customers regarding goods dispatch.

Standard ERP's graphic calendar and resource planner allows you to plan and assign tasks for yourself and other colleagues, as well as to follow up on their completion. It lets you plan a meeting, check a colleague's location within seconds or measure the amount of time spent by an employee on a specific task and assess the results accordingly. For example, you can measure how much time an employee is spending on sales activities and the number of agreements concluded in that time.

Make effective sales campaigns by means of HansaWorld Standard ERP's communication and grouping tools. For example, add a grouping feature to a customer if they have bought some particular item or an item of a specific group. After adding this feature, you will be able to send targeted informative messages or offers specifically to that customer. Generate a text or html message, or an attachment containing pictures, and e-mail it to a selected group of customers, or print it out and send it by post. Continue communication with customers from the moment they receive a promotional letter by means of Skype, VoIP or mobile text, and note the key aspects of the conversation. Create further tasks to fulfil all agreements made with a customer.

Use the electronic conference feature of HansaWorld Standard ERP to archive documents, notify employees about important information on the notification panel or save and collect marketing materials in a brochure file, which can be easily attached to an e-mail message or any other entries in the system.

Thanks to the system integration and reminders, the work of your sales department will become systematic, transparent and accountable, thereby helping the company to increase its sales volume and improve customer service.

Fully integrated, industry-specific solutions

Standart ERP Namu apsaimniekošana HansaWorld partners create and develop special industry-specific solutions as part of the standard system, so that such functions and system information naturally interact with your CRM and ERP functions and reduce the total cost of ownership. Open Business Solutions experts have developed an industry-specific solution for property managers. Contact us to find out more.

Suitable for international businesses and consolidation

HansaWorld Standard ERP supports work with not only multiple currencies but also with two base currencies. This means that the system can save each entry in two currencies, recalculating amounts as per the currency exchange rate on a given day and showing reports in both base currencies.

The functionality of two base currencies is useful for those businesses with subsidiaries in different countries where consolidated reports are made in one currency, or for companies where accounting is normally done in two currencies in a given country, as well as for companies operating in the Euro area and willing to do their accounting in the national currency, or if necessary during the transition period from the national currency to the Euro.

In such cases it is necessary to meet the requirement of accounting for all transactions in two currencies simultaneously, as per the currency exchange rate on a given day. To ensure the most up-to-date currency exchange rate at all times, you can use the automated exchange rate updating service. Through this service HansaWorld Standard ERP automatically accounts for and records the differences in currency exchange rates.

The HansaWorld system will speak your language  each user can select their own interface language to enter or view the same data. For example, employees can work in their own language, while managers can view reports in another language.

The results of a group of companies can be assessed in consolidated reports at any time and within minutes by means of the Consolidation Module. It allows for the quick and high-quality assessment of the overall results of the group, as well as for the retrieval of data about individual companies and even the opening of linked entries by clicking on the total figures. HansaWorld Standard ERP's Consolidation Module operates in real time, so there is no need for data export or any other software.

The most important questions answered within a few minutes

The business analysis tool offers a wide spectrum of possibilities, since all of a companys data are stored in one place. It allows you to analyse the turnover and profitability of any dimension of your business, starting with the sales volume and profitability at a regional or national level, sorted according to city, store, project or group of products, through to a comprehensive analysis of the figures for individual products. With such a wide range of available data, it is only logical to represent them also graphically. HansaWorld offers an integrated real-time business intelligence tool as a standard feature. It does not require preliminary and time-consuming preparation because data for the graphic reports are taken directly from the HansaWorld Standard ERP database.

Expanding the sales channel with e-commerce functionality

HansaWorld Standard ERP features an built-in web server, which allows you to quickly set up your company's website and easily change its contents. You will find ready-made templates for websites containing text and pictures, as well as templates for creating an online store. Simply mark which items should be shown in the online store and they will automatically become visible to your customers along with their price, image and other information about each item. It should be as simple as that at all times, without the need for special programming or repeated data entry. Orders placed online are immediately visible in the system linked with the CRM and warehouse data.

Customer who make orders online will receive an automated order confirmation by e-mail or mobile text message; warehouse managers are also notified of any shortages of goods in the warehouse. Likewise, your customers and partners can be provided with limited access to your system via their web browser, for instance, to register the time and costs spent on a project, whereas partners can register orders and view documents.

Standard ERP combines the best business practices from around the world

More than twenty years of work experience, more than 550,000 companies in 120 different countries  all this has contributed to HansaWorld's ability to combine the best global business practices in the system's functional modules, so that new customers can invest as little as possible in system adjustments and maintenance. However, should you wish to develop a specially customised solution for your company, we will be happy to do so by using the most effective programming means in the industry.

Adjusting the system to your needs

Let our professional experts tailor HansaWorld Standard ERP to the specific needs of your company by means of the Hansa Application Language (HAL). Changes are made directly within HansaWorld Standard ERP code, rather than via a separate computer system that has to be linked afterwards. This way you will be able to adjust the system's individual data entry windows and make changes to existing documents and reports, or create completely new ones. Through the use of this tool, we can perform any type of integration with other systems such as production equipment, industrial scales, wireless bar code readers, existing cashier systems or existing online stores, etc.

Communication between the system and external servers by means of online services

Today companies are faced with a need to entrust their business data to an outside party. How can you do this quickly and accurately? HansaWorld offers its customers unique access to other suppliers services directly from the Standard ERP resource management system, and in most cases there is no need to install any additional software. HansaWorld hosts such services on its servers and gives you the opportunity to use them as and when needed while paying only for the services that you actually use. With just one click, you can:

This list of available services is constantly being supplemented with new services that help you to increase your operational efficiency.

The HansaWorld Standard ERP business resource management system is a perfect solution for most companies, from small businesses looking to choose their first accounting system to large international holdings that require an integrated solution for the management and accounting of all their business processes. HansaWorld Standard ERP can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.