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HansaWorld and Mac

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The only accounting and business management program in Latvian for Mac computers.

Financial accounting, fixed asset accounting, payroll and personnel accounting, customer order processing (from the sales quote to the invoice), warehouse management, production and project accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), online store or customer portal, document management, time and task planning and many other functions in Latvian for your Mac computer, according to the statutory requirements of Latvia. Thanks to Standard ERP by HansaWorld, you will benefit from all these functionalities in a single piece of software.

Created specifically for Mac

The HansaWorld system has been developed with C++ programming language, a self-developed database structure and network communication technology. This ensures that HansaWorld products work identically on different operating systems with maximum performance speed. At the moment the HansaWorld system is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac OS X and Linux.

You do not need to run Windows or any virtualisation software in order to use the Standard ERP accounting and business management software or Books by HansaWorld on your Mac computer. Download the latest HansaWorld software installation package for Mac OS from our website and enjoy full functionality on your Mac.

HansaWorld client for iPad users

A HansaWorld Standard ERP client can be installed on iPad tablets and features full functionality (an Android version is also available). While the idea might sound simple, the option to operate and control almost all business functions from your iPad has huge potential.

The IT industry is now actively discussing the “Bring Your Own Devices” concept, which would encourage a company’s employees to use their personal devices both as a business tool and a home device. However, for the majority of businesses, this remains only a theoretical objective because so far there have been only a few small pieces of business software available on the market for tablets and smartphones that were designed for performing minor, specific functions.

Only a small part of the required functions was available for tablet and smartphone users on their personal devices, so they were still fully dependent on their office-based desktop computers. By using HansaWorld's Standard ERP, you will be able to make use of the business management software's full functionality on your iPad tablet.

Use all your favourite Mac functions

Use the convenient search functions in the list of items or colour marking according to invoice status in the invoice overview window. Your favourite and particularly handy search and sorting options on the Mac OS are also available in the HansaWorld Standard ERP or Books software programs.

Work on the platform of your choice

Izmantojot HansaWorld, varēsiet izvēlēties jebkuru no operētājsistēmām vai arī izmantot vairākas vienlaicīgi: Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS vai Android. Lietotāji pēc savas izvēles var izmantot jebkuru no minētajām operētājsistēmām, Internet pārlūkprogrammu vai kādu no mobilajām ierīcēm. Vieniem un tiem pašiem programmas datiem varēsiet pieslēgties gan ar Mac, gan ar Windows datoru. Ja, piemēram, mājās Jūs strādājat ar Mac, bet birojā ar Windows datoru, varēsiet vienkārši pieslēgties servera datiem attālināti bez papildu programmatūras, aparatūras un sinhronizēšanas. HansaWorld programmatūra Mac un Windows operētājsistēmām darbojas vienādi.

When using HansaWorld, you will be able to choose any of the operating systems or use several of them at the same time, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS or Android. Users are free to choose any of the above operating systems, web browsers or mobile devices. You can connect to the same software data from both Mac and Windows computers. If, for example, you work with a Mac computer at home and a Windows computer at the office, you can simply connect to the server data remotely without any additional software, hardware or synchronisation. HansaWorld software is equally compatible with both Mac and Windows OS.

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